Down with the king


the purpose


Children of GOD Records Mission Statement is to first continue to solidify relationships with the king and also reach souls of those who are dealing with spiritual identity crisis. Carama’s reputation is built on being the most vibrant and energetic Gospel Holy Hip Hop Artist to take the stage. His musical style is impressive, blessed and infectious. He has an awesome style which causes the contents of his lyrics to impact his listening audience.

I was born John Williams in St. Louis, Missouri. Also known as Carama, I now reside in Dallas, Texas. I have been a born again Christian since the age of seven. My whole mission in the ministry is to reach the young and mature adults into Christianity. With anointed lyrics, rapping, and singing I want to bring everyone closer to the Lord. With vibrant music, filled with live instruments where can you go wrong? Carama is a new extraordinary Gospel Artist with a variety of melodic rhymes and hooks that will continue to ring out in your spirit.

What sets me apart from any other Christian artist is that my music is not designed to preach to the choir. My style is to be a conscious artist that can relate to the style and sound that the secular world wants to hear, but all the while still ministering the gospel to a dying and lost world.

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